Tale of The Gallant Jiraiya

Japanese Ninja Folklore: Tale of The Gallant Jiraiya

All you fans of Japanese ninja folklores must have heard the name of “Jiraiya”. He was the main protagonist of this exciting story. Long ago there was a brave Ninja called Jiraiya. The meaning of his name is “Young thunder”. The name suited him perfectly as he was a swift fighter and the hero of the tale ‘Jiraiya Goketsu Monogatari’.

He became so famous because of his bravery and the exciting aspects of his story that the film and television show makers have given a lot of importance in making shows and animated films on him. You can also get some games that feature the story of the Ninja ‘Jiraiya’.

Japanese Ninja Folklore: Tale of The Gallant Jiraiya

Jiraiya, the young thunder mastered the techniques of “Shapeshifting magic”. This is the art of changing the shape, gender or age of a person and transforming completely into other animal or being. He changed himself into a gargantuan toad. He fell in love with a ninja girl who did not belong to his clan.

Her name was Tsunade. She was a beautiful princess who was the master of snail magic. She became the wife of Jiraiya. But the greatest villain in their love story was Orochimaru. He used to be the follower of Jiraiya at one point of time but gradually he was overwhelmed by the influence of snake magic.

He turned into an enormous serpent to attack the couple, Jiraiya and Tsunade and tried to kill them with his poison. But finally another follower of Jiraiya saved him and his wife.


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  • Ida

    I have alwase been intrested in ninjas, but more then ewer just resent and have read naruto online, no wonder its so dame good if they actually have this kinda history in it XD Sorry if I ofended someone

  • Wtf?
    There is a book called “Gutsy ninja,tales of galant Jiraiya” and “Gutsy ninja,the tales of galant Naruto” in an anime called Naruto Shippuden and manga??

  • Tobi

    Actually, there is a character named Jiraiya, who summons toads; he makes (failed) romantic advances on a woman named Tsunade, who instead of snail magic uses Slug magic, and the villian is their ex best friend Orochimaru, who summons and transforms into serpents. The episode Jiraiya dies in is also named ‘The Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya’.

    • Logen

      That would be from Naruto. But the inspiration for the Legendary Sannin for Naruto was based on the actual folktale in this article.

  • Angel

    does anyone know where i can purchase the english version of “tales of the gallant jiraiya”

    any help is greatly appreciated