Interesting Submission Guidelines

Submit interesting news, projects, discussions and videos that are related to Way Of Ninja’s mission and topics. Make them engaging, inspiring and useful.

Types of Submissions

News & Articles

Any interesting news lately? Examples of news submissions include:

  • Opening of a training facility or coverage on any special warrior places
  • News of martial artists who used their skills to deter criminals
  • Special developments in the martial arts, parkour or warrior-related community

Projects & Experiments

Know of someone working on a warrior-related project, experiment or craft? Examples include:

  • DIY crafting of ninja artefacts from the Shoninki
  • Experimenting with techniques and tactics from both historical and modern warrior knowledge (e.g. night vision)

Discussions & Videos

Seen a social media post or debate on self-defense? Any interesting discussion on the old ninja and samurai?

For example:

  • Interesting questions and answers on Quora or Yahoo Answers
  • Developments on a related topic on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr
  • Youtube videos of incredible techniques and concepts

Where in doubt just make a submission or ask.

Format & Quality of Submission

In general, do these:

  • include a write up and picture with your submission
  • add your commentary to make it interesting but do not falsify information
  • segment your write up into up to 5 sections with sub headings if your write up is long
  • to include videos, simply copy-and-paste the YouTube or Vimeo URL onto the text editor (do not use the link icon for video embeds)
  • give credit where credit is due by filling in your source URL

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