Attacking Muggers Flee From Rescue Ninjas

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Five ninjas rescued a student from the muggers who were assaulting him. The German student who was in Australia for an exchange program was attacked in a dimly lit alley.

Soto Sensei and Ninja Trainees

Fortunately for the victim, there was a Ninjutsu school close by and the Sensei had seen the attack. He promptly got his students to rescue the victim. The moment those criminals saw the ninja warriors in black training gi, they fled. The Ninjutsu sensei, Kaylan Soto, was quoted in the news saying, “You should have seen their faces when they saw us in ninja gear coming toward them.”.

The Sydney police has already two of the three muggers.

News sources:

This is a genuine news story, and I’ve provided the direct links to the news sources above.

There are two points of the news I’d like to talk about.

One, what was the victim doing in a dark alley? As a foreign student, you are naturally ignorant about the locale of the country you visit. Common sense would dictate that a dark alley (especially to a foreigner) is potentially dangerous.

My point to you is to be ever aware of your surroundings and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Always appeal to your intuition and instinct.

Two, it is great to know that the ninjutsu school was proactive in their way of ninja. They took prompt action to rescue an innocent passerby. This decisive action prevented further harm to the victim. And decisiveness is an important trait of a ninja. The victim was obviously lucky that the muggers were equally ignorant and chose to attack the victim near a Ninjutsu school.

That’s all. Persevere in you way of the ninja! Ganbatte!