Announcement: Forum Will Be Closed & Replaced With Google+ Communities

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After careful consideration, the forum on Way Of Ninja will be retired after the April 20 of 2014. The developers have neglected forum updates, which has caused problems in security, stability and speed.

But don’t worry. Way Of Ninja’s discussions will be handled by a new Google+ communities once the forum is gone, and the stories platform will be handling topic posts of a longer nature.

The new Google+ Community will be ready and announced before the April 20.

What should you do?

1. Avoid posting on the forums

The forums will be retired soon, so there is no point to add more posts to it. Consider posting your topic as a ‘story’ instead.

2. Copy and save old conversations on the forum

If you are the author of the topic, consider posting the discussion in the stories platform instead. Where I’m able to, I will transfer appropriate posts into stories format. No promises though.

3. Look forward to the new Google+ Way Of Ninja community

I apologise for the inconvenience.

Note: Forums will be locked away after 20 April 2014. Way Of Ninja Google+ Community will be announced before then.