Halloween Is Sneaking Towards Us Ninjas

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Halloween is around the corner. As much as I know this isn’t related to your training, we’ve got to have fun sometimes.

I’m curious as to what my fellow W.O.N. members will be doing on that day. What will you guys be dressing up as?

Last year's Halloween Cosplay

Having a few Japanese costumes and cosplay costumes, I’ll probably dress up as a gothic samurai or something along those lines. The above picture was me in Japanese costume for last year’s Halloween cosplay. I was a character out of my own story and I managed to get the majority of my classmates to join me.

If you’d like to know where I got the costume from, I have one thing to say… Ebay is my bestfriend. Haha. You can still make it in time for Halloween if you look for your costume on Ebay now.

Logen L.