Stories FAQ

What’s a story?

Stories are members’ submissions about their experiences, insights and anecdotes on training in their respective fitness, mental and movement disciplines. They are less formal than actual article contributions and appear within the community section.

When can I add a story?

Any time. You can do it here.

How do I submit my story?

Do it here. But read the best practices for formatting first. It tells you how to embed videos and more.

What if I’m unable to successfully add the story?

Contact us or tweet us for any issues. Please get some screenshots ready to better explain the problem.

Will all stories be accepted and published?

No. Stories that are against our terms will not be published. You may however edit and appeal.

Note that we have zero tolerance for bullying and discrimination.

Do you have topics or memes to give me ideas on what to write?

Certainly. That section is coming soon!

Tell us your story NOW!