Forgotten Goals & Resolutions FAQ

Need clarification on what kinds of goals to set for the Forgotten Goals & Resolutions Challenge. Also, have other questions? Take a look…

Thirty days to achieve a goal!? Isn’t that too short a timeframe?

Not at all. We are tackling small goals and small progression that make up a bigger goal. You need to break huge goals into manageable goals that can be done in thirty days.

What are the kinds of goals I should include?

Martial arts, fitness and anything that contributes to living a balanced ninja/warrior lifestyle.

What are some examples of goals for this challenge?

Let’s separate goals into three categories: (1) Habit forming goals, (2) Performance-based goals, and (3) Technique-refinement.

Habit-forming Goals

Habit-forming goals are intended to build a new habit or/and break an old habit by the end of thirty days. You do this by performing the desired habit frequently over the thirty days.

Make fitness a habit by spending 10 minutes each day to workout
Break the cycle of overeating at meals by drinking lots of water while eating and taking the time to chew
Sleep before midnight everyday for thirty days to ensure optimal recovery from workout

Performance-based Goals

Performance-based goals are goals that are measurable by number or time and are usually fitness-based.


  • Be able to run 2.4km within 9 minutes by the end of thirty days (this assumes that your present run timing is very close to 9 minutes)
  • Be able to perform 1 muscleup in thirty days


Technique-refinement relates to martial arts, fitness, parkour and other techniques/skills that you need improvement on.


  • Be able to perform a proper standing front roll on the right-side in thirty days (if your right-side is worse at a technique than your left)
  • Be able to perform a lazy vault from a slow jog

How to break a huge goal into manageable goals?

Example 1

Huge goal: Run 10km without stopping or walking

Current standard: Able to run 1km without stopping

Thirty-day goal: Run 3km without stopping

Example 2

Huge goal: Be able to perform forward rolls on both sides upon being thrown hard during Aikido

Current standard: Able to roll on left side when thrown moderately, while only able to perform seiza-level roll on the right side properly

Thirty-day goal: Be able to perform front rolls correctly from a standing position

Where can I find the submission forms?

What kind of progress am I reporting (before the challenge)?

Any progress in your goals and resolutions. Small progress (even if you haven’t achieved your goal) counts!

For example, if your goal is to do twenty pull ups but you only managed to increase your pull ups from 10 to 12 in the last three months. Or if you just started in movement skills, progress in doing a step vault smoothly counts as well.