Ninja Social Network (with Stories Feature)

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Today (23 August 2012) marks the launch of Way Of Ninja’s social network.

Our community serves to inspire and motivate fellow members in their ninja training. Whether you are interested to train in Ninjutsu, Parkour, military conditioning and so on, this is a place to encourage each other to be better.

Make use of the activity status to update everyone on what you are doing regarding training. Be accountable to each other on your progress.

Share your thoughts on the forums regarding Ninja issues and ethics.

Members (who are/were martial artists, parkour traceurs, Ninjutsu practitioners, military personnel, Kuji-in practitioners) are encouraged to share stories and tips about their training. Light-hearted training stories of your old military days are welcome.

I will be taking a break for awhile from Way Of Ninja. But will be back soon to add content and improve features. I’ve been  working nonstop towards the launch and am burnt out. Don’t worry. I will be back.