Ninja Things To Do: Origami Shuriken

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Due to the threat of terrorism, no longer are we allowed to carry arms or weapons in most countries. This, however, doesn’t mean that ninja will lack their tools.

Even in ancient Japan, commoners were forbidden to carry swords and other weapons. Yet the ninja, carried weapons, which seemed like ordinary items. A farmer’s rake, for example, could be used as a weapon. They made use of society’s assumptions of what was safe and unsafe.

This article shall teach you the uses of an origami shuriken (ninja throwing star). In the eyes of society, a throwing star made out of paper is harmless. The origami throwing star is deemed as a child’s toy. Is it really so?

The ancient ninja used shurikens to distract as opposed to kill. One could do the same with paper shuriken.

It could be a tool to help the modern ninja to escape by diverting the enemy’s attention to the shuriken. And, unlike the old shuriken, the paper shuriken is lighter to carry, and can be thrown swiftly.

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Here’s a video tutorial by PacGuy765, that teaches you how to fold them.

Be creative. Vary the colour, size, and paper type to suit the conditions of your ninja mission.

Logen L.