Parkour to Escape

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Note: This post was first published in late 2008 and is pending update. For a starting guide to movement-based fitness and parkour, read these posts:

What is parkour

Parkour is an art of flight; to escape or to chase. It involves using your body’s abilities to move from one place to another in the most efficient and swift way. The founder of Parkour, David Belle, meant it to be a way to develop one’s mind and body to overcome obstacles in an emergency.

How does it contribute to being ninja?

Ninja were adept in stealth and basic combat. However, these skills were not ideal in all situations. A ninja should know how to escape or give chase amidst seemingly impossible obstacles.

And the modern equivalent of a set of traversing and movement skills is parkour.

How do you get started?

Get a good pair of shoes with good traction. Running shoes will do.

After having the proper shoes, find a local parkour community and join them! Or create your own parkour group. Or try to start out on your own with the basics.