Parkour Traceur Stuck On Restaurant Rooftop

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On the night of November 27, the Vienna Police Department received a call that two people (an adult and a teenager) were seen on the roof of The Virginian Restaurant.

Upon arriving at the scene, the adult was already on the groundfloor near the restaurant. The teenager, however, was still stuck on the rooftop. The local fire and rescue department was then tasked to help the young man down to safety with a ladder.

The pair had apparently been training in Parkour. The police are still assessing if any damage has been made to the building.

Visitors and members of Way Of Ninja are advised to train safely and be considerate to the public.

Know your physical limits and current level in ability before attempting more difficult techniques. And always have someone with you to ensure you receive help in emergencies.
Lastly avoid training at a place that would cause nuisance to the public or residences.

Parkour has been misunderstood to be unnecessarily risky and costly to public/private property. Do your partby training safe and being considerate.