Protecting Yourself From Being Assaulted Part 3

Aggressive body language (even if you ignore the knife)
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In part 1 and 2, we’ve learnt to identify aggressive body language and adrenaline effects on the body.

However, what can you do to survive an assault?

There are 3 things:

  • Learn to identify agressive signals and avoid such situations at the first sign of trouble
  • Flee from the attacker(s) or fight when left without a choice
  • Protect the vulnerable parts of your body and be beaten up if there is no escape route

Avoid At The First Sign Of Trouble

The true ninja avoids trouble. The moment you detect signs of an impending assault, remove yourself or your loved ones from the situation. It is stupid to play hero, when it can cost you your life.

Attempt to dissipate the situation by words.

Flee If You Can, Or Fight If You Have No Choice

Aggressive body language (even if you ignore the knife)
Aggressive body language (even if you ignore the knife)

However, when left without choice, mentally prepare yourself to defend yourself. Run away, put distance between yourself and the attacker. Have barriers between yourself and the attacker.

Use any weapon you can find or improvise from at your discretion. The weapon can be turned against you. And the laws on injuring/killing an attacker out of self-defense differs in various countries. However, if you decide to use a weapon, do not hesitate when using the weapon. Hesitation will cause any technique you use to be ineffective.

You can carry pocket weapons like the Kubotan. This weapon is innocent enough to be carried as a key chain and won’t cause permanent damage. It can be used to make your punches/strikes extremely painful and is effective even when used to enhance joint locks.

If Already Under Attack, Protect Vulenerable Parts Of The Body

If you are being beaten up already, use stronger parts of your body to protect vulnerable areas. In a worst case scenario, pretend to pass out or have a seizure after taking a few punches. This may prompt the attackers to stop and flee.

Whatever course of action you take, the end result must be the same. You’ve got to escape and survive.

Here’s a mini street self-defense course on Way Of Ninja.

Logen L.

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