A New Ninja Appears! Zer0, of the Borderlands!

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Hey guys and gals, it’s Dante again. I AM SO EXCITED!! So I just got Borderlands 2 and am happy to announce that one of the Main playable characters is a Ninja! His name is Zer0 and he is a Vault Hunter in the second intallment of the Borderlands series. He’s wanted for political assassination and the bounty is set at $32,000,000,000. Talk about wanted, eh? Anyway, playing as this charcter has been a blast! His action skill is called Decepti0n and it allows him to become invisible while deploying an illusionary holographic decoy of himself (a futuristic doppelganger-jutsu in my opinion, lol) thus allowing him to attack his enemies at flanking positions or allowing him to escape relatively unharmed. I especially enjoy the fact that a high-profile FPS/RPG title like Borderlands recognizes the lethality of the ninja. I also enjoy 2K Games’ take on how a futuristic assassin would seem to be. His skill trees include Sniping, Cunning, and Bloodshed. His character class is actually referred to as “assassin” rather than ninja, but in a mainstream game, “Ninja” as a character class may not be fitting. The references and artistic/strategic design choices make it pretty clear though: Zer0 is definitely a ninja, and by far one of the coolest I have played in a video game as of yet.

I noticed, along with many others, that Zer0 speaks in Haiku quite often, and I really enjoy it. Not only was it an artistic choice on 2K Games’ part, but it is quite entertaining to hear Zer0 commenting on his enemies impending death, or his boredom. An example: “Your eyes deceive you; / An illusion fools you all. / I move for the kill.” And yes, I have this one memorized.

In Borderlands 2, players can unlock different Skins to customize their character’s appearance. One skin, called ‘Mutant’ is a play on the Ninja Turtles in its color scheme, and has a blue stripe on his faceplate suggesting a reference to Leonardo, the Ninja turtle who uses swords. This is funny in a way because Zer0 carries out his meelee attacks with a sword, the blade of which digistructs in glowing blue. Another skin, called ‘Eyes of the Snake’ is a reference to Snake Eyes from the G.I. Joe series, one of the inspirations of Zer0’s character. Another includes Gray Fox, from Metal Gear, and a skin I believe to be the reference called ‘Moral Gray Area’ in which Zer0 is all gray.

As a Borderlands fan, and a ninja, I can’t express how great this is, as ninjas everywhere can now be a part of the Borderlands universe, in style! Not to mention Haiku.

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