Fitness, Combat and Parkour Goals Till The Next Day Of Ninja

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My ‘Way Of Ninja’

In terms of ability, I’d like to have well-rounded combat abilities, combined with Parkour. I currently am okay at Aikido, which is mainly defensive with arm-locks and throws. I wish to add striking and kicking into my repertoire eventually (probably martial arts in the line of Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Tai Chi Quan, Krav Maga and Pressure Points).

Moving on to specific goals to be achieved by the next Day Of Ninja on 5 December 2014…

My Goals Till The Next Day Of Ninja

1. Attain Gold for the Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT)

The IPPT is a fitness test in Singapore, mandatory for all male citizens, so as to test their fitness level when they are called up for military reservice. I will have to take mine by May 2014 and will be aiming to train sufficiently to get to Gold standard.

My previous standard when in the military was Silver. Earlier this year, it dropped to a fail as a result of failing the running component by a few seconds. I had neglected working out due to my work and university schedule. And I wish to get back on form at minimum by the first quarter of 2014.

GradePointsSit-up (reps)Standing Broad Jump (cm)Chin-up (reps)Shuttle Run (sec)2.4 km Run (min:sec)
B437 – 39234 – 24210-1110.2 – 10.310:40 – 11:01
C334 – 36225 – 2338 – 910.4 – 10.511:01 – 11:40
D231 – 33216 – 2246 – 710.6 – 10.711:41 – 12:20
E128 – 30207 – 2154 – 510.8 – 10.912:21 – 13:00

Success Benchmark: Getting a B grade for all components at minimum

Obstacle(s): Lack of time and unpredictability of schedule when work starts

2. Join Two Running Events in 2014

To motivate myself to workout and run regularly, I intend to participate in two running events this year.

Obstacle(s): Money for the joining the runs and time for training

3. Return to Martial Arts Training

Having had a stint from Aikido training for over two years, I wish to get back to training. Whether it is back to the same dojo or joining another class, I will resume training in martial arts again.

Obstacle(s): Money for training, time schedule, and a tinge of fear that my Sensei won’t remember who I am

4. Find time to Workout and Run

This goal ties in with goal one and two. To overcome the obstacle of time, I will find snippets of time throughout the day to exercise. I will probably begin by taking 15 minutes each morning to workout or run, and then progress to 30 minutes sessions later on.

Success measure/benchmark: devoting at least three hours each week to workout

5. Incorporate Basic Parkour Training in My Workout

I am not sure how this is going to work. So, if anyone has advice, feel free to leave your thoughts and advice in the comments section.

6. Reschedule My Sleep Timing

I have fallen into the habit of sleeping in the morning and waking up in the afternoon, since I’m currently handling freelance work and have to coordinate with clients from overseas. While in university, it got worse and I had to function on less than 5 hours of sleep due to the workload. Now that I have graduated, I wish to change this and sleep like how a regular person would, except for weekends. Haha.

Obstacle: Breaking a long-time habit of sleeping late and functioning on short sleep durations

Success measure/benchmark: Getting into bed no later than 3 am on weekdays.

Other Goals

  • Join an obstacle race
  • Learn a new language (e.g. Thai)
  • Take a body language training course on Microexpressions by Dr Pauk Ekman

I will keep everyone updated on my progress and I look forward to seeing everyone’s progress as well. Wishing all aspiring ninja all the best.