A decent Swiss military career

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Hey my ninja fellows

Already over a year ago I promised to post my army story here. I’ve been really busy and had to overcome some difficulties. But I’m a man of my word so here I write. (Sorry Logen, that it took me so long…)

In Switzerland it is mandatory to join the Swiss armed force at some point. So at the age of 19 I went to one of many recruit schools in Switzerland. I went into electronic warfare. I can’t exactly tell you what I did. It’s classified. But my main mission was to listen into the space (not outer space) and detect any conversations the enemy could held.

So I started the RS (recruit school in german it’s Rekrutenschule) with the basic green training. Shooting, marching, hiding in the woods, first-aid, going through a chemical attack. Soon after that I could join the petty officer school. Things cooled down. Less shouting, less stress. Things got more theoretical. We studied leadership and deepened our crafts. From that I could directely go on with the officer school. Things got way harder. The marches became longer and we were shouted at again. We had to do the same stuff but in less time. We also learned new stuff, like making a check-point, self defense, some mountain training, flying with a helicopter (as passenger) and of course more leadership training. After a bit more than half a year I became platoon commander. I had to go back to a new RS and lead the new recruits for 21 weeks and make them some decent soldiers. That was my basic training.

Now, every year, for around four weeks I have to join the forces again to keep me up to date and refresh my skills.

I hope I can transfer into cyber defense. I have to talk about it again with my commanding officer. I’d also like to become a captain and lead a company for some time. (I’m currently ranked as first lieutenant.)

I’m sorry that I keep it a bit brief. We are told not to tell too much, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. If I can, I’ll answer!

Roger, out,