Eric: Curious Things

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The day of Ninja is a upon us now,  time to reflect and set goals to be achieved within a years time on the next Day of Ninja, rather than wondering aimlessly we can focus on what we want to achieve and how to achieve it. But from my journey so far I learned quite a bit, Because…

Growing up was a curious thing.  Living my life as a loser, never good enough for sports or physical discipline, where we’re supposed to compete over whose the best of the best and errors are mocked and handled with discouragement.  This mentality lead me to believe I was never good enough to be “Someone” but would forever find myself an outcast from my peers.

In the search for something to give my life purpose, I was introduced to Parkour, and it not only changed my life, but created it. In my search for a place to fit in I was welcomed with open arms to the parkour community, and what I found was that The Parkour mentality is a curious thing, where error is handled with encouragement, and rather than compete we strive for the benefit of the whole as well as our self’s. It’s only through this mentality and sense of belonging I have in this community, I feel like life has a purpose , and I finally feel free again.

My goals are to train harder and smarter, relearn tricks that I have lost in time due to unrelated things, such as the cartwheel side flip, 2 step wall-flip and to over come any remaining fears I have, and slowly progress beyond them. Confidence is key. And thanks to the confidence I have gained through time,  I know I can do it.

I promise to one day give thanks by inspiring others to over come their personal battles and welcome them to the Parkour community with open arms so we may all grow together.

But until than keep training, and remember, a wise man once said “The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.