Why I’m going to participate for Day of Ninja

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I want to participate for Day of Ninja, because I wanted to show my support and appreciation for ninjas and the great lessons, culture, etc. they have brought into our lives. It’s thanks to their ways I’ve become more stronger, wiser, peaceful and helped give me more purpose in life. My goals in life is to learn how to defend myself when needed and help make the world a better place. I won’t fight, unless I have to and/or if it’s something or someone worth fighting for. I want to find more peaceful ways to settle things first. I vow to help those in need and help make the world a little better. I know I don’t have the power to change the world, but I will do my best. This site helped me in so many ways. I’m learning how to stand up for myself and others. I no longer just stand around and wait for things to get better. My senses are better, I’ve made peace with my past, and I feel more inspired. So thanks to all those who’ve helped me become a better person. And thank you Logen for making this website possible. I will always appreciate and be supportive of this site. I will share this with everyone I can possible.

Many thanks,
Michelle Garcia