Keith: My Martial Arts Goals For 2014

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Hello everyone , my name is Keith. I have been training in martial arts for about 18 years now. Through those years I have studied and trained in a variety of martial arts systems. I trained in Kung Fu (a combination of Northern Praying Mantis and Choy Lay Fut ) and Chin Na for 10 years reaching Black Sash level. I also trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 3 years reaching Blue Belt and SENTO ( a reality based system ) for another 3 years reaching Blue Belt also. For the past 2 years, along with training the last two martial systems I mentioned, I have also trained at home in military based combatives and modern Ninjutsu. I really enjoy training in Ninjutsu and combatives, I can’t get enough of either. Ninjutsu offers so much for a variety of training which is what I like most about it. My goal for this year is to get my instructor certification .I have trained a long time and worked hard for it and I believe I am finally ready to teach. I am very excited about the opportunity to test for that level. I am also happy to be a part of this site and to get to know you all !