Simple Path to Ego Disruption

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My Way of Ninja

Creativity, Simplicity, Persistence


  • Enhance my aerobic and anaerobic systems naturally
  • Develop basic foundation in a martial art.
  • Develop basic skills in Parkour


  1. Complete 100 pushups by the end of 2014.
  2. Complete 200 sit-ups by the end of 2014.
  3. Complete at least 25 hours in Muy Thai kickboxing by the end of 2014.
  4. Complete at least 10 hours in a Parkour (or related flexibility) by the end of 2014.

My obstacles

  • Money
  • Time
  • Focus
  • Persistence

My story

My way of ninja involves carving out a new approach toward fitness, health, and life in general. Growing up, I was a kid who idolized heroes like Batman, the Ninja Turtles, X-Men, Bruce Lee, Jim Kelley, and Spiderman. I revered their courage, their strength, and their ingenuity. (Who wouldn’t?) These heroes weren’t like the people around me. They had discipline. They could run without getting tired. They could lift heavy things with ease. They could do the impossible.

These heroes were also unlike me, a skinny kid who ran on the wrong side of the football field because no one bothered to teach him.

They weren’t like the skinny kid who read everything he possibly could on gaining weight, only to find out that he couldn’t afford to buy any of the name-brand supplements in the magazines.

They weren’t like the poor kid who stood outside the karate dojo, afraid to go inside but too excited to leave the window.

For a long time, that skinny kid struggled with issues. I kept feeling that I needed to change something on the outside. I needed more money, a better neighborhood, or needed to wait a little bit more time.

The problem, though, didn’t disappear when I got older, more money, and more time. It was always another excuse. I always kept struggling, but I never stopped to see why I was struggling. I kept doing the same things over and over again with the same result. For years

Until one exhausting morning, I had decided that I would either find a health and fitness program that I could be happy with or I would go down the road my family went on. The road of TV dinners, fast food every night, and wasted health.

That was when I came across a site: That site started a whole new path in my life. After getting only two hours of sleep, I made my first step.

This time, I didn’t need to wait until some point in the future. I could do something now.

I switched a bag of chips for a McDonald’s side salad. Now, granted, there are healthier choices, but at the time it was huge.

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Then, I did something else. I did one pushup.

Looking back at it now, I laugh, but I literally did one pushup against the wall and stopped.

Then, I did something else the next day. I commented in the forum and for the next 3-4 four weeks, I embarked on a new lifestyle of  learning and imitating Paleo as best I could, posting my results in a forum, and exercising.

The successes, however small, proved to me that I could do something. I didn’t have to wait until my life changed on the outside. I could make a change, however small on the inside. I could make the mental shift before it became reality.

Then, I rediscovered again and my path toward another of my childhood dreams took a different path…