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Z3ro Limits Parkour

I live for parkour and I believe it has greatly changed my life. My goal is to change others’ lives by starting up a parkour gym to help others learn the way of parkour. I really want to start a pk gym to bring joy into peoples’ lives and try and help parkour get a better reputation; and show people its really just as dangerous as any other sport, considering many non-traceurs believe we’re just throwing ourselves around and being disrespectful.

One of my goals for the gym is to have pk classes that teach movement as well as explain the philosophy that accompanies it.  I may be lacking the appropriate funds to start this up, and due to the negativity about parkour I’m afraid I may not have enough people interested resulting from the fear of getting hurt or embarrassed. In order to earn money for the gym my group Z3ro Limits Parkour is starting parkour classes in the spring and we are thinking of selling parkour related t shirts and attire. And to prevent the the lack of willing students I will do my best in promoting the positive things about parkour and my experience’s  to those who are unsure about parkour or, to those who don’t fully understand it.

I promise to do my best in making this dream become a reality. I believe the only way to have a happy and satisfied life is to make other lives just as happy and satisfied. Parkour has made me a more joyous person and acknowledge and respect all the little things that make my life great and has lead me too a healthier life style and I plan on spreading my experiences with those in my community. It would be an amazing world if we could all Enjoy the little things.

Keep smiling,

Clyde Johnson

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I've been doing parkour and freerunning for about 8 months and currently live in Valley Center, Kansas.
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