Treating the Cause

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Last October I broke my hand, my 3rd metatarsal, by simply sitting down on a wall (it’s a long, awkward explanation of how) just after warming up for a training session. My goals this year are about correcting and preventing my failures, such as breaking my hand, in practicing parkour.

  1. Constant Awareness. I have a tendency to “zone out” and ignore all but what I’m focusing on. I want to be significantly more aware of my body and surroundings moment to moment.
  2. Ambidexterity. There are several movements that I can perform much better with one side. Next year I hope both my sides are close to equal.
  3. Silence. I’m not particularly loud when training but I know my body and technique will benefit from striving to be quite as possible while training and walking.
  4. Healthy Food. I still consume a lot of processed food regularly and few fruits and vegetables. By the next Day Of Ninja I aim to have more than half of the foods I eat in my own home to be unprocessed and/or plants.
  5. Obstacles, not Problems. I want to face more of my problems with the mindset that parkour, dealing with obstacles with speed and choosing to see a challenge instead of hardship.
  6. Video. I don’t want to use it to brag but explaining what we actually do in parkour without visuals. A decent video of me by December 2014 to show others what parkour is, what the training is like, and what all my training goes into.