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Oh boy, where do I start… So, Hi all, I’m Carl, you may know me from the Google + page, or not at all, but I’m here to tell you my story, the story of how a violent, obnoxious, little turd of a boy found his Inspiration to become a (somewhat) respectable Martial Artist and Warrior.

I was working as a courier for some… unsavory types after I started middle school, and one cold day in November while I was delivering a package, I stumbled across a girl I had classes with getting harassed by some highschoolers (keep in mind, both me and this girl were both eleven at the time).  I vaguely knew her, we had talked a few times, and she seemed sweet enough… and I had a bit of a soft spot for her, not gonna lie.   So I walked up and proceeded to call the highschoolers out on their BS, the end result was a fight I’m still rather proud of, I fought them off, but only after they got a few good blows in and I went into a rage (I had a temper back then).  I was still seeing red when he showed up, this long red-haired man wearing a duster jacket, fedora, and a facemask.  he… well, he called me a little twerp, and I charged him.  It was my mistake, he knocked me to the ground and held me there with a finger on my forehead.  He told me that I needed some proper training to learn to control myself.  He told me to stop by the address he gave me the next day to start, given how he kicked my butt, I was intrigued, little did I know going there would change my life…

That man became my Sensei and my Inspiration, and he taught me so much about life and the martial arts (Mostly Ninjutsu, and Swordplay of many varieties but a smattering of other things like Silat, Aikido, Karate, and a touch of Wing Chun).  He taught me to control my anger far better than I feel any therapist could have.  He also spent a fair portion of our training telling me all these stories of Hattori Hanzo and other legendary ninja and their feats, which only spurred me to go even further with my training and master weapons like the staff (there’s a video on the G+ website that shows me and a friend dorking around and sparring if you care to see me in action, even if just messing around.), the manriki chain, the kama, the knife, and an assortment of other weapons (though not to the same extent).

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After an incident at the end of my Eighth grade year, I was left with severe nerve damage that has me in pain near constantly and sunk me in to a deep depression.  which leads me to my goals, though, while I am no longer depressed, I am still in pain most of the time, and I am dealing with some physical issues because of that period of my life, so here are my goals:

1. Get back into a regular training schedule, including working out, working on my hand to hand, running skills, my stealth skills and honing my skill with blades of all kinds.

2. Get into the habit of eating better than I have been (I am currently eating a plate of french fries dressed up with baked potato toppings, I recommend you try it, it’s delicious)

3. try to hold myself to a higher standard than I have in recent years, I don’t have a very good personal view of myself as of late.

I would have done this as 2 seperate posts, but the night is fading on the Day of the Ninja in 2014, and it is time I made my escape,

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Safety and Peace, and may you walk in the shadows my Brothers and Sisters in the shadows.