Day of Ninja 2014: Hero

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GoalBrief Plan
SuperheroTrain in the shadows. Strike fast and hard.

Hi. I’ve been a member here for about a year I believe. And if I recall, it was upon this day where I strive to become a vigilante. A man who wears a mask to protect himself and others significant to him.

Have I made any progress since then? Yes. Not only my body is more fit than it was a year ago, but my mind is more clear, focused and determined to fight for what’s right. Now-a-days, the injustice has spread like a contagious disease. We can no longer rely so easily on those who swear to protect and serve. Now don’t get me wrong, I know they are some great officers out there doing what’s right for all, but there are stories where these officers-good officers, will be fired if they don’t use ‘necessary force’ to ‘protect’ us..

What’s going on has given me more of a reason to do something. It’s only giving my passion more flames to do better than what I’ve been doing. Here are a few things that I believe that will help me on my journey.

1) Voice acting: I believe that If were to have more control over my vocals, I would not be so easy to recognize. I have singing and making a habit to do accents such as German, Russian and some Scottish.

2) Martial-Arts: Of course this is required. This website revolves around martial-arts as well as the inner peace it gives us. My Muay-Thai has gotten better. I can endure longer in my sessions to great new heights. However, I believe now it is the time to shift my attention in learning how to hide in the shadows and the ways of the Shinobi.

3) Chi: I have been meditating. I love it. I feel like I can ascend to a Super Sayian or get in the Avatar State. Haha, I know, I’m a geek. Proud of it. I have only opened my Root Chakra. The first stage of seven chakras. I work as a janirot and I have been enjoying using it to connect to people such as teachers, children and my fellow custodians. I share my insights with them as they with me. It’s something I never get tired of. Opening their hearts and minds and vice-versa. Now it’s time for me to go all out and reach the levels that is required for me to be more than human.

I will continue on my quest for peace, but now I have a new goal. And that goal is to be more active on this site. Share my experience and stories and help anyone and everyone in and off this site if possible. I want to give a big thank you to Logen Lanka for doing all that he can to keep this site and for allowing such a thing to exist for all of us to connect and be ninjas, warriors of peace and love. I also want to thank Andrea Harkins for believe that no matter what I do, I am a Superhero.

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I hope you all enjoyed this. And I can’t help but smiling at everyones’ stories of how they got into martial-arts as well as their progress. May peace be with you my brothers and sisters in the shadows. Namaste.

Favian Jack Gonzalez