Goals of a Martial Artist and Webcomic Artist

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Hello everyone! I am Joey, a webcomic artist and creator of the martial arts comic “Shaolin Punks.” This is my first Day of Ninja and I’m doing it up right- I work in a cubicle at a big cable company and typically wear a shirt and tie to work, so today I’m wearing all black to honor Day of Ninja!

Reflecting back on this year, I see I could have done better in my ninja training. I have my brown belt in ninjutsu, but my training took a back seat to my job this year. I’m close to blackbelt but next year I need to make training a higher priority or I’ll be stuck here for a good long while.

However, I completed my first martial arts webcomic this year, so that’s a score for my achievements! I’m hoping to continue the webcomics and draw more stories featuring martial artists and ninjas in 2015!

These are my goals

Goal 1

Get back in shape!

Jet Li


I sit behind a desk all day at work, so I need to exercise more! That includes weightlifting, cardio, stretching, and martial arts training.

How would I know that I have achieved this goal?

  • Get my blackbelt
  • Run a mile at least once a week
  • Lift weights at least twice a week

Why and how is this goal important to me

It’s important for me to achieve this goal because I used to be very active. I trained hard, lifted a lot, and was in great shape. I’m not in bad shape now, but my job requires me to sit all day, and when I get home from work I’m so exhausted I just sit on the couch and watch TV. Lazy ninja!

I’d feel great if I was back in the shape I was when I was training on a consistent basis.

How I intend to kickstart this goal

  • Put together a workout plan
  • Watch less TV
  • Be active and move around during the day so I’m not sitting behind a desk all day

Deadline to get started: 01.01.2015

Potential obstacles to achieving my goal

  • Work is exhausting and time consuming, which means my free time needs to be divided between resting, working out, or making comics. I need to prioritize!

How I will overcome the obstacles

If I can set up specific chunks of time each weekday (for example 1 hour of exercise, 1 hour of drawing, and 8 hours of sleep) I should be relaxed enough and still have the time after work to focus on both of my main priorities.

Goal 2

Draw more martial arts comics!

Shaolin Punks cover


I’d like to continue producing webcomics with a focus on martial arts

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How would I know that I have achieved this goal?

  • Have 2 full books finished in 2015

Why and how is this goal important to me

This is important because these initial comics will be the building blocks (hopefully!) to a successful cartooning career in the future

How I intend to kickstart this goal

  • Draw every day
  • Write every day
  • Post a new comic every Monday

Deadline to get started: 05.12.2014

Potential obstacles to achieving my goal

  • Exhaustion from work
  • Need to focus on other priorities- I’m getting married this year so that will take a lot of planning!

How I will overcome the obstacles

Same as the first- I need to get better at prioritizing!