What Inspired Me to Become a Modern-Day Ninja

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Glove Drawn with Temporary Ink
What got me inspired to become a modern-day ninja and warrior was from reading about it. I became interested in learning Asian culture that I tried to learn all about it. One thing led to another and the next thing I know, I’m learning all about shinobi, kunoichi, and samurai culture, stories, and so on. One time, at Barnes and Noble, I was looking in the discount section and saw a Martial Art book in the bin. I took a look at it and read some of the book and then seeing all the types of workout martial artists do, I wanted to try out their way of staying in shape. They were able to accomplish physical feats that I found amazing.

Over time, I ran into hearing about parkour. I’ve looked online what parkour was and I became inspired on wanting to try it out one day. I love challenges and it looks like something I would do whenever I get the chance to one day. Also, I love running and finding new ways to exercise.

The thing that fueled that interest even more, other than movies with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, the Naruto series. That show made MA and parkour even more interesting.

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