Logen: Reflections On 30 Burpees Challenge & Meeting New Friends

Now that the 30 Burpees Challenge has ended, the past two days were strictly no burpees days for me. It feels odd to not go through the burpees routine but I’m not complaining in the least. Do I love burpees more now? It’s still a love-hate relationship.

Back in March 5, I decided to take up the 30 Burpees Challenge in order to train for the burpee penalties that would be doled out for the obstacle course race I’m joining this June. With the mindset that the challenge would be easy, I initiated it with people on Twitter and Google+.

What I loved about the challenge

I honestly thought I’d be a lone-ranger on this challenge but was joined by many awesome people on Twitter and Google+. So, other than the benefits from training and the test of commitment to do burpees daily, I was glad to have found like-minded people who had a sense of solidarity; we did more burpees  to support a fellow burpee buddy who had to take a break from the challenge.

I found it surprising that doing the challenge together (though separated by geographic boundaries), created a bond that spurred conversations beyond Twitter.

What I disliked about the challenge

By the 10th day of the challenge, I got a slight injury on my hip joint and foot arch from rushing through the burpees. The following days just got harder as a result. I resolved to focus on performing the burpee slowly but with proper form.

Takeaways From This Challenge

  • Proper form in working out is more important than full exertion without form
  • Trust and integrity exists even among people who haven’t met face to face. The burpees challenge was not documented through video. We relied on and trusted each other to have integrity in this challenge. And this, I believe, is the precursor to awesome friendships – trust and integrity.
  • Burpees take my breath away, literally…
  • But I intend to incorporate it in my workouts and allocating a day for plyometric exercises.

The People In The 30 Burpees Challenge

How Did The Burpee Buddies Meet?

Andrea and Jules were the first two to accept the challenge.

Way Of Ninja Burpees Challenge Initiation

Karma (i.e. Sam Rai) later responded to the challenge and we bantered on for a bit…

Burpees Initiation Banter

She then proceeded to rope Ando into the challenge, who nearly made the burpees worse. Haha.

Burpees Challenge with Ando

Spinning Kick joined us on the day itself.

Burpees Challenger Spinning Kick

Burpee Challengers on Google+

Feeling slightly optimistic from the response on Twitter, I took to looking for more challengers on Google+. So, at the start of the challenge, we had 9 people from around the globe.


Notable selfies and closing remarks of challengers

Click to enlarge the screenshots below. And thanks to Andrea, Jules, Karma, Ando, Spinning Kick, Marcus, Franklin and Frank for being spontaneous enough to join the challenge. More challenges ahead!

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