Meeting My Husband During Training & Planning To Open Our Own School

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Michelle MendozaI met my husband-to-be about 14 years ago and at the time I was not training in any Martial Arts.  He, however had been training since he was 9 in a few different styles.

After dating and being married I became very interested and started training in Sho Da Kan.  I have since studied Tae Kwon Do and Ji Mu Do.  I have been training for over six years now and absolutely love the art form.  I cannot imagine not training and my passion is not only fitness but I have a tremendous respect for Martial Arts history.  I have gained peace, stress management and have transformed my body from my practice.

After training for so many years, sharing the common bond between my husband and I we have decided to plan and open our own school.  It is a long range plan because we both work and make a good living.  Our passion, however, is motivating us to open a dojo.  We would love to open a school that is both challenging for adults but child friendly.  We do not want to become a “black belt factory” but want to stay true to tradition and producing properly trained students.  I truly enjoy teaching and passing on the knowledge I have gained to others.

The immediate plan is to get in tighter with our current school to become a partner.  In the future we will try to buy into the business or partner with the existing owner.  My husband plans to take most of the time/work load to begin.  I make the most money because I am in sales so I will continue to work full time; then eventually go to part time to be more active in the dojo.  It is a challenging goal but I have no doubt we can attain it.  With our combined passion and the drive I cannot wait until the day I can come home from my mundane sales job to pass on a legacy of respect and tradition to others.