Overcoming Fear of More Heights

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My goals last year were to perfect my movement to where I had absolute control; no fear, no hesitation, just movement. Let go and do.

Here is my goal

Goal 1

My goal has not changed. While I have improved, I still have much more to do.



I want to particularly get rid of my fear of more heights; and large precisions with gaps. There are two in particular that I may be able to do right now, but are precisions with decent height and distance between the takeoff and landing, so I’ve been afraid of committing.

How would I know that I have achieved this goal?

  • I can do jumps without hesitation, jumps that in the past had particularly scared me.

Why and how is this goal important to me

If I achieve this goal, I will be able to apply this to many fears I may have later on in my parkour lifetime.

How I intend to kickstart this goal

  • Spend some time at the “fear-zones and envision myself successfully doing the jumps.

Deadline to get started: 20.01.2015

Potential obstacles to achieving my goal

  • Giving in to fear, and lack of practice

How I will overcome the obstacles

Get comfortable with heights and drops. Spend some time up on the roofs I occasionally visit.