Re-creating my path….

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My #WayofNinja   #30DaysChallenge :
1. Fitness: Surpass the minimum score on the Army Physical Fitness Test for push-ups & situps (at least 39 pushups & 45 sit-ups). Reason: I want to see if my new workout is actually working out for me and building the fitness I am looking for.

Milestones: I will capture my score through a screenshot detailing my score each week.
2. Paleo:  Eat at least 5 new Paleo recipes or places to eat a Paleo meal/snack.
Reason: Need some variety and need to get out
Milestones: Pictures of the food or me at the restaurant/location
3, Business: Create a marketing plan for an agency on oDesk and Elance
Reason: Want to increase and expand business and push marketing skills to the next level.
Milestones: Completion of Marketing plan sections