Week 1 Reflection of The Forgotten Resolutions & Goals Challenge

2 30

Evening Run

Goal: Working Out Consistently

During week one of the challenge, I averaged 40 minutes in working out each day for all five weekdays and met my objectives for running three times this week. Four of the workout sessions were done in the morning. The challenge was getting the motivation to start the day by exercising and coming home only to begin working out almost immediately. In addition, due to it being moderately rainy in my area, I had to delay my schedule just to get the runs done close to bedtime.

Overall, I was able to sustain my workout consistency to the point of overperforming. However, I foresee an issue with recovery by working out daily and not having sufficient sleep.

Goal: Sleeping by 12.30am on work days and being productive

I have failed miserably on my goal for sleeping my 12.30am on days with work the following morning, exceeding bedtime by 30 to 45 minutes. The problem lies with having too much to do once I get home, especially with working out in the morning and evening. That is not to forget that I have a productivity challenge to get some work done for Way Of Ninja and my old clients.

The effects of insufficient sleep was noticeable by Day 4 when I attempted my second 6 km run in the week. I had to bear the calf ache and knee pain until runner’s high kicked in during the second kilometre. Furthermore, I was feeling extremely fatigued the entire day for the last two weekdays until adrenaline kicked in from working out. I’m going to try harder during the second week of the challenge to get my bedtime right by cutting down what I have to do 1 to 2 hour early so that I have some time to relax before sleeping.

Goal: IPPT Benchmarks

I have managed to fluctuate between doing 12 and 13 pullups – 12 pullups when I attempt them within 2 hours of my workout session and 13 pullups when I’m well-rested. I’m going to attempt for 14 by Day 30. As for running, I will be doing my 2.4km benchmarking tomorrow (Sunday), after allowing my body to recover today. Even though I’ve allocated a session for explosive exercises earlier this week to improve my standing broad jump, I have yet to train on technique; I will make use of the Labour Day holiday next week to do a proper session.

Lastly, I have decided to sign up for the IPPT at the military camp this coming Saturday to benchmark my performance officially. I’m presently at passing standard due to my weakness in standing broad jump. I’m expecting at least a silver award this Saturday if my broad jump improves. And if both my 2.4km running speed and broad jumps improve (below 9:44 and at least 235cm respectively), I will be at gold standard.

Please refer to my challenge goals and objectives to get a better idea on what I’ve reflected on. Here’s to a better week next week!