Aerial tricks & Flips Challenge

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Hello! My name is Devon Collins, and i’m currently at the age of 18. Some of my hobbies include playing games, reading and learning about Japan’s history and culture, weapon collecting, and showing enthusiasm to the spirit of ninja. I recently began wood crafting Japanese related projects as well. On top of that, I’ve been practicing Taekwondo ever since the age of 16. I’m currently a First Degree Black Belt, as well as a Certified Team Instructor with the three academies located our town. Starting at a Yellow Belt, I’ve competed in numerous tournaments, and have achieved six different titles.


I competed in a National Taekwondo Tournament and won 1st Place in weapon forms and 3rd in board breaking.

Prioritised Goal

Learning a new aerial trick

With an plan of exercises, I will dedicate the days of this challenge to routinely perform them, and increase the number each day, as well as placing time to work on the tricks within sessions at the academy.

Benchmarks – How would I know I achieved this goal?

Re-gaining the confidence to perform an aerial/ backflip trick.