Following the Twisted Path to Success

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Hello, my name is Charles Franklin!

I am a Millenial who is not content to stay within the confines of my family history. I want to use what I can to build something better.

My journey to fitness began after watching Batman at 5 years of age. Batman was THE man because he had the cool life-cool toys, money, got to beat up bad guys, and the good life.

At the time I watched Batman, I was a Black skinny kid in a single parent household. The only legacy that I would have would be a statistic.

The quest to “become Batman” led me to try martial arts. At first, I could only get my hands on karate books and videos.

Unfortunately, I did not become Batman.

I did, however, gain an interest in health and fitness which I’m still on today. Over the years, I have gained knowledge (Paleo) and failed miserably (I’m drinking a soda right now), but this whole journey has changed me for the better.

I am continuing that journey with Way of Ninja’s Forgotten Goals. As I make progress in some areas of my fitness, there are other goals that I need to shine a light on.

These are the goals.

Still on the journey to Batman or at least some version of him.


  • Kept an Emergency Fund for more than 1 week
  • Completed a workout program for a month
  • Meditated for 30 consecutive sessions
  • Wrote down what I ate for 10 consecutive days.
  • Improved Paleo breakfasts and lunch (On good days, I do 70-80%)

Prioritised Goals

1. No more than 8 cups of soda during the next 30 days.

Explanation: I drink too many sodas!

Accountability: If I don’t fulfill this, I will drink 1 cup of coconut water ( Don’t like the taste)

Exception: None

Benchmarks – How would I know I achieved this goal?

  • 8 cans or less (I’m taking a picture of cups or cans).

2. I will maintain an ending balance of least $150 in my Emergency Fund for the next 30 days

Explanation: I’m good at starting Emergency Funds, just no keeping them

Accountability: If I don’t fulfill this, I will donate $25 to a family member.

Exception: If I am unemployed, this goal is void. I will have to choose another goal.

Benchmarks – How would I know I achieved this goal?

  • Ending balance on last day of goal

3. I will complete at least 300 pushups, 300 pushups, and 15 pushups over the next 30 days

Explanation: I want to push myself to the limit. This will be over a set time period, not every day (unless you can get an instant 6-pack abs doing this!)

Accountability: If I don’t do this, I will do the Carlton Dance on video

Exception: Only under conditions a doctor would advise it.

Benchmarks – How would I know I achieved this goal?

  • 100 Logged Pushups & Situps, 5 pullups
  • 200 Logged Pushups & Situps, 10 pullups
  • 300 Logged Pushups & Situps, 15 pullups