Dreya’s Forgotten Goals 2015

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I am 29 and currently my focus has shifted to getting the community accept and potentially participate in parkour/freerunning and will be giving a presentation on the intro to the art of movement in the next week. I have studied martial arts since a young age and have always been drawn to Ninjutsu and the Shinobi. I am Thankful to have found English translations on the Shoninki and Bansenshukai in the last few years and very thankful to Way of Ninja for all the support!


Flexibility and endurance have been increasing, and my balance has been improving more than I thought it could. Best achievement so far in 2015 has been an opportunity to share the freedom of the art of movement and freerunning to my local community through the high school.

Prioritised Goals

1. Get back to my meditative self.

I used to meditate a lot more and in the last year or so have not been at it like I believe I should, always an excuse not to do it. My first goal is to get back to taking at least an hour a day to clear my mind and regain a balance within myself, my mind, and my surroundings. Reclaim “self”.

Benchmarks – How would I know I achieved this goal?

  • I have been increasing the time on my stopwatch about 5 minutes every day. if I fail to achieve the time for the day I try the same time limit the next day.

2. Gain familiarity with at least one, if not three, new PK moves

Three moves I am currently trying to get comfortable using are these:

  1. Webster. A variation on the front flip typically used off ledges or small drops using straighter legs separately instead of tucked legs together.
  2. Kash. A vault combining two vaults into one, the Kong and the Dash.
  3. Side Flip. One of my favorites, just what it sounds like. In all honesty, my biggest problem is the mind over matter, which I know the meditation will help with.

Benchmarks – How would I know I achieved this goal?

  • After my presentation I will have access to the gym after school hours which means access to the mats, easier to master new moves starting on safe mats lol.

3. Handstand for at least 1 minute

I believe if I can achieve a minute long handstand, my balance should be good enough to maintain a handstand or walk in one for as long as needed.

Benchmarks – How would I know I achieved this goal?

  • just going to push it every time I try. Going for 10 second advancements as each benchmark.