Making Every Day Count

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I’m over extending in hundreds of directions!  I am compulsive about making the world a better place by offering my martial art mindset, wisdom, and knowledge to others via my blogging.  At times, I lose sight of the very thing I profess to others, and that is to make every day count.  This has always been a goal, but I do lose sight of it.  I love martial arts, the benefits they provide both physically and mentally.  I’m an avid writer and positive thinker.


I have lost five pounds. I have increased my blogging efforts and have increased my outreach through blogging.  I’ve tried not to skip a workout, to each better, and cut down on caffeine!

I’ve had a successful year writing and my blogging has become a cornerstone to my life.  It accomplishes my desire to be a writer and to help people and to share information and insights on martial arts.  I try to stay fit and healthy.  Sleep deprivation is occasionally an issue, but I’ve been working on that too!

Prioritised Goals

1. Losing Weight/body fat

I gave up candy and desserts, which were a small indulgence/downfall.  I also gave up excessive caffeine intake and I  continue to work out.

Benchmarks – How would I know I achieved this goal?

  • Drop a few pounds by the end of the month

2. Gaining more muscularity

I have been diligent about 2 weight workouts a week, but need to up that to achieve better results.- While it is not as easy in my 50’s as it was in my 20’s, I have always lifted some weights so keeping diligent will help with muscle memory.

Benchmarks – How would I know I achieved this goal?

  • Improvement in muscle tone which will be visually appreciated

3. Making every day count

I get caught up in the many tasks and forget to appreciate simplicity. I will take at least ten minutes each day to reflect, meditate, or do nothing.

Benchmarks – How would I know I achieved this goal?

  • I will try to keep a cryptic chart or note of when I take my ten minute retreat each day and try to make it a habit.