Rehabilitating from Injury

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I began training in Karate in June of 2014.  I have been struggling with pain in latissimus dorsi muscles off an on for the last six months.  A good hard punch sets me up for it, the rest is my own darn fault.  I need to re-gain the ground I’ve lost and push beyond where I was before the latest injury.


I won gold medals in both kata and kumite during two tournaments.  I’m doing much better in not feeling fear while sparring.  I’ve achieved deeper shiko dachi during my tournament kata.  Pinan Nidan kata is coming along nicely.  I am now employed as a Water Fitness instructor.

Goal 1) Go to at least one tournament – done and more! I’ve been to two and at both won gold medals in kata and kumite. There are more coming up, I should make it a point to go to at least the friendship tournament in June.

Goal 2) Calm down and “play” when sparring – I’m doing much, much better. Nowadays, if karateka of the upper ranks choose to spar with me I now face them with a determination to do my best and to learn. Maybe there’s a tiny bit of fear left – just enough to keep me from getting complacent, arrogant, and careless. There’s still room for improvement. Last tournament I did get a foul called on me during kumite for responding to my opponent’s wildness with sloppy/wild punches of my own. I shouldn’t let that sort of thing rattle me and I should learn specific strategies to deal with it.

Goal 3) Deeper stances – I could still do better. I get a pretty good shiko dachi during my tournament kata, but I’d like to be consistent across the board – not just in tournament.

Goal 4) Polish Pinan Nidan for promotion. I’m feeling way more confident. I’d like to polish it to the point where I can perform it as well as my tournament kata.

Goal 5) Land a job at the YMCA as a shallow water aerobics instructor – DONE! I get to help people, exercise, and pay for my karate all at the same time!!! I’ve a boatload of training and certifications ahead of me. I’ll be substituting for an instructor who is going on medical leave. I’d like to have the participants in her class be a little more active, but they might not go for that if I’m overt about it. The trick will be to ease them into a greater fitness level without them even being aware that I’m ramping things up for them. Giving them positive feedback and other encouragement will help.

Prioritised Goals

1. Fifteen consecutive push-ups

I’ve lost ground due to lat muscle injuries.  As soon as I can begin (hopefully the second week of April) I’ll follow the program in  I’ll also try to better guard against punches to my ribs.  I won’t aggravate injuries by trying to suck up the pain and plow through my  normal routine.  I’m trying to be more aware of how my bed, pillow, and sleeping posture affect the injury.

Benchmarks – How would I know I achieved this goal?

The website’s program specifies that in two weeks I should be able to do 8 consecutive pushups and in four weeks I should be able to do 20.  I’m shooting for 15, but if I can do more – great!

2. Deeper stances

I want to regain lost ground due to two weeks of injury and go beyond where I once was.  This will mean shiko dachi whenever I wash hands or brush teeth – plus extra practice.  This plus extra practice.

Benchmarks – How would I know I achieved this goal?

I want to be able to get into and hold nice deep shiko dachi, zenkutsu dachi, kokutsu dachi, and neko ashi dachi for two minutes each.  Week one: 30 seconds for each stance.  Week 2: 1 minute.  Add 30 seconds for each week.