The Ninja’s Sense Of Danger Part 1

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The ability to sense danger helps a ninja in stealth, fighting and escaping. This state of mind requires the ninja to be aware of his surroundings and be able react quickly to imminent threats.

Image by: Skampy, Flickr
Image by: Skampy, Flickr

Awareness of his surroundings, allows the ninja to anticipate dangerous situations and be mentally prepared to deal with it.

What Is Awareness?

Awareness is noticing, knowing and responding.

When you are aware, you know:

  • what is happening around you; to guard against immediate threats
  • what are your vulnerabilities; to guard against an enemy targeting your weak spots
  • what is in your surroundings; to use as weapons, barriers or escape routes

The goal of being aware is to equip you with information to protect yourself and your mission. This information you gather, makes you more competent at responding to danger.

However, it seems impossible to be consciously aware of so many things at once. How are you supposed to notice things, assess your vulnerabilities and seek objects in your surroundings constantly?

The good news is, you are already aware to a certain extent. Everyone has a natural ability to sense danger. It’s just that some of us are more acute at this ability. The key is to enhance the natural ability you have.

The Ninja’s Sense of Danger Part 2

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