The Ninja’s Sense Of Danger Part 2

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The truth is, everyone has the ability to sense danger. An average person is aware of his surroundings. Perhaps not as acute as a ninja, but the ability is there.

Image by: Alan Cleaver, Flickr
Image by: Alan Cleaver, Flickr

This sense of danger is better known as intuition. We’re not talking about some supenatural force here.

Intuition refers to your brain’s ability to pick up tiny unusual signs in your surroundings. It then subconsciously connects those signs together and warn you of danger. Remember the funny feeling that someone has touched your belongings, although everything seems to be tidy? This is intuition at work, picking up very tiny details.

The Key To Gaining Awareness

Since everyone has a certain extent of awareness, the key is to enhance that existing awareness.

When you use your awareness (or intuition), you are doing three things subconsciously:

  • You notice people, and objects
  • You assess what you notice (if they are threats)
  • Where there is immediate danger, your body prepares itself to run or fight

For awareness and the sense of danger to be effective, the ninja must be able to detect things quickly. Because, only when you detect, then can you assess for danger. If you are unable to detect threats in time, you won’t be able to assess for danger.

The Obstacle to Awareness (and the ability to sense danger)

You want to enhance your natural ability to be aware, but how do you do it.

The natural hindrance to your sense of danger is distraction. People become distracted all the time. They get distracted when they are bored, tired, afraid, angry, sad and so on. They get so caught up with their emotions and thoughts that they fail to notice the things around them.

How then can you eliminate distraction, and enhance your senses to be more aware? We deal with the how-to in part 3.

The Ninja’s Sense of Danger Part 3

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