The Opening of W.O.N Blog

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I’ve decided to create a blog category for WayOfNinja. This allows me to write news pertaining to W.O.N. and other random commentaries related to ninjas, but don’t strictly fit into the main topics (e.g. Combat, Stealth, etc.).

Link to Way Of Ninja

To readers of W.O.N., if you have a website of your own or a social networking profile (Myspace, Facebook, etc.) please link to Way Of Ninja.

Appealing for Financial Help

As the founder of W.O.N., I bear the costs of maintaining W.O.N. with my own money and it is burning a hole in my pocket. I hope to gain support and help by fellow readers of W.O.N.. What then can you do to help?

You can sponsor W.O.N. by placing your advertisement on for a minimum of $0.10 a day. Even if you have no website to advertise, why not place an ad to your profile on W.O.N. social network.

Instead of buying ninja items at other places, you can support W.O.N. by buying items through our store that links to Ebay, our recommended products or our recommended affiliates. Not only can you get great deals at unbelievably low prices, a small percentage of the sales will be given to W.O.N. to support our opperations. These affiliates and our store ensures that you have the equipment for your training.

If you wish to donate money to W.O.N., please contact me ( logen[at]logishempire[dot]com). It will no doubt help in defraying a part of our costs.

I thank you for your support. Ganbatte on your way of ninja!

Logen L.