Martial arts training in technique, self-defense tactics and street fighting knowledge for modern warriors.

Self Preservation and Self Perfection.

October 22, 2009 kurtis

This is a subject of great importance in regards to training in the martial arts. Many martial artists unknowingly spend too much time on one and not enough on the other. Most people simply don’t recognize the difference between […]

General Self Defense Mini Course

October 8, 2009 Logen Lanka

Last updated on September 12th, 2017Self-defense skills can save your life and are essential to being a ninja. Often times, the techniques you train for self-defense are not flashy but are highly effective. In that spirit of training in […]

Ninjutsu Martial Arts, The Jinenkan

April 5, 2009 Logen Lanka

The Jinenkan is the third main type of ninjutsu. It is a kobudo organization. If you break down the Japanese word kobudo, the “bu” part refers to military or war. “Budo” means military or martial way, and when you […]

Ninjutsu Martial Arts, The Genbukan

March 29, 2009 Logen Lanka

Genbukan is another type of Ninjutsu. Founded in 1984 by Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura, Genbukan means “place that nurtures the professional martial artist.” Also, Gen means “black,” referring to a place for practicing skills and techniques which are mysterious and […]

Ninjutsu Martial Arts, The Bujinkan

March 21, 2009 Logen Lanka

This international martial arts organization is based in Japan and is under the direction of Masaaki Hatsumi. The teachings, called Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, are composed of nine separate martial arts traditions, and participants are held to high standards of […]

Taking On Multiple Attackers

October 19, 2008 Logen Lanka

The key to taking on multiple attack, is to put your opponents in the way of each other. Here’s a video by a Nintaijutsu sensei on how to evade multiple attackers. It is simple enough for a beginner in a […]

Martial Arts Intro

October 19, 2008 Logen Lanka

Last updated on December 20th, 2016The skills of combat is part of a ninja’s arsenal. To acquire defensive, offensive or both combat skills, sign up for a martial arts class. That is the best way to learn. With an interest […]

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