Train Your Mind With An Ancient Ninja Technique 3

Instructions on Anchor Kuji-In

The key to the anchoring technique is your state of mind. What is the mental state that you want to anchor to a particular hand seal or gesture.

For example, you would like to become confident. You must prepare intense memories of you being confident in a situation. If you find that you cannot find a true memory, you can instead create an ideal situation of confidence in your imagination. Either way, intense emotions of confidence must be evoked for the technique to anchor.

The other thing you need is the gesture or hand seal. It should be unique, easy to do and inconspicuous in a situation where you need confidence.

Watch the video instruction by Steve G Jones.

Why in the world would you need an Anchor Kuji-In in this day and age? Let us explore circumstances where anchoring becomes useful.

You want to feel confident in uncertain situations (e.g. public speaking)
You want to quickly calm yourself from anxiety
You want to feel motivated to train

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  • This is very helpful, many times I feel anxious or nervous when I train, or when I go for practice runs at night I sometimes get jittery and overly energetic, when all I simply had to do was this.

    *Note this is by no means a spiritual technique but a mental one, so there is no reason to be skeptical, just try it!

  • Logen

    Hi Grim

    Yep. This is a psychological technique. There is no harm in trying it. 🙂

    And I’m glad you found this resource useful.

  • Bradley

    wow! i am so inlighted by this technique! now i can get myself motivated, calm, and confidente! thanks!!!