Way Of Ninja is your guide to becoming a modern-day ninja in mind, body and spirit. Attain functional strength and abilities through cross-training in fitness, movement (i.e. parkour) and martial arts. Train your mind to remain calm, be aware of your surroundings, read people and deal with uncomfortable situations.


  • To adapt the old way of the ninja to modern times
  • To inspire you to become the best ninja version of yourself, both physically and mentally
  • To help you get started and stay committed to your modern warrior lifestyle – amidst present-day responsibilities

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Way Of Ninja's Role

1. Adapting the old way of the warrior

Way Of Ninja delves into Japanese history for inspiration on warrior skills and characteristics that are still relevant to the modern world. Since it is impossible to train in everything, you will need to pick the warrior attributes that you most desire.

These are some skill sets that will help you on your way.

Martial Arts

Train in a martial art best suited to your goals (i.e. fitness, self-defense oriented) and personality. Get ideas to train in higher level concepts like distance, reaction and timing.

Functional Fitness

Physical training that focuses on technical ability, speed, strength and cardiovascular stamina. Examples includes running, calisthenics and rock climbing.

Ninja Moves

Mobility-based physical activities that primarily focuses on getting past obstacles. Examples includes disciplines like parkour, free running and MovNat.

Mental Conditioning

Methods meant to develop the warrior mindset and mental abilities in awareness, focus and management of negative emotions.

Warrior Know-Hows

Random knowledge, abilities and hacks that are useful for the modern warrior and may cover emotional intelligence, privacy and dealing with conflict. Examples include learning to interpret body language, maintain privacy, influence behavior and deter crimes.

2. Make your training sustainable

The way of the warrior is a lifetime endeavour, in which you continually improve your mind, abilities and knowledge. Therefore, in order to help you stay on your path – despite fluctuating motivation, work-life imbalance, family responsibilities, stress and injury – use the following resources.

Resource on making training work

Solutions to cope with training and have a life.

Modern warrior community

A place for mutual support, motivation and camaraderie among fellow warriors who train and live their own warrior ideals.

Platform to share your progress, training and reflections

A “journal” to share your training progress, insights and stories.


Both planned and spontaneous events that tosses up your training, test your abilities and allows you to mingle with fellow warriors.

Ultimately, Way Of Ninja wants to be useful in your warrior journey so that you are able to persevere in being the best version of yourself physically and mentally.

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Who is this guide for?

Way Of Ninja is for anyone who wants to become a modern-day warrior, through developing a variety of skills. It is a lifestyle of continuous self-development in physical and mental abilities. So, even if you are an expert in a specific warrior skill set, there are other skills that you possibly know nothing about.

Regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, profession or religion, you have the power to decide on the skill sets that are most relevant to your life and develop them.

If you are committed to taking action, and are willing to figure out how to make training work, welcome to Way Of Ninja. Make your way of ninja a reality and become the best ninja version of yourself!