This disclosure statement is consistent to our commitment to having a sincere and transparent relationship with our readers, members and fellow warriors.

Display Advertisements & Affiliate Links

Way Of Ninja defrays operational and maintenance costs by displaying ads and promoting relevant affiliate offers.

Sponsor advertisements are mainly via Google Adsense, of which we have no control over. For privacy concerns, please refer to our privacy policy.

Affiliates offers are made by partners who provide commissions on sales made via Way Of Ninja. Some affiliate networks we work with include Amazon, Commission Junction and Rakuten Linkshare.

Why disclose affiliate relationships?

Disclosing affiliate relationships inform readers like yourself of potential conflicts of interest because of the benefit (monetary or otherwise) we receive from partners. For instance, your opinion on a review may change if you know that the reviewer receives some form of benefit from promoting the product or service.

Why should I trust your recommendations?

Trust forms the foundation of the Way Of Ninja community. It comes with building a community that is aimed at making a positive impact in peoples’ lives through fitness, martial arts and movement. There is no obligation for us to give positive reviews and we will not trade integrity for money.

All recommendations go through a test as follows:

  1. Is the recommendation relevant and beneficial to readers and members?
  2. Would we personally use the resource? Or have we personally used the resource to our satisfaction?
  3. Would we recommend the resource to our family and friends? (No kidding. We only recommend stuff that we would use ourselves and would recommend to close friends)
  4. Is the organisation/business that provides the resource fair and ethical to its customers?
  5. Would we feel the same about the resource without being paid?

If all of these criteria are met (with a yes), then the resource would be recommended.

Furthermore, we review our partners’ business practices and communicate directly with them.

Here are examples of our partners and ethical issues dealt with

Before even establishing a partner relationship, Way Of Ninja was already recommending Piranha Gear’s martial arts uniform due to its great reputation. When enrolling into their affiliate program, we were in contact with Bill (the CEO) who had been extremely helpful. By being a partner we were able to get discounts for our readers.

With regards to ethics, Way Of Ninja has been a long time affiliate of Spartan Race. When news broke of its UK director being caught for stolen valour, we reported it here on Way Of Ninja. In any case, Spartan Race’s founder, Joe DeSena, handled the fiasco satisfactorily.

If you’re concerned about making a positive impact, why make money out of it?

Wanting to make a positive impact, doesn’t make Way Of Ninja a charity. The explicit costs of maintaining Way Of Ninja doesn’t just fall from the sky.

Not to mention, the implicit cost of running a website and community – time and effort – makes this not unlike a full-time job. Advertisements and affiliate commissions help to defray the costs, and make it a bonus to source for valuable experiences and content to share with our ninja readers.

So, if you appreciate our efforts, give us us a shout out through Twitter and Google+. And consider getting your training resources through Way Of Ninja.