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End of Challenge Reflection

May 6, 2015 charlesfranklin Posted in stories

I will keep this short and sweet. I didn’t meet my goal for finances or workouts. I did meet my goal in one crucial area, sodas. Sodas have always been a nemesis for me. I know that they are […]

Fitness Update #2-04/20/2014

April 20, 2014 charlesfranklin Posted in stories

Push-ups: 25  and Sit-ups: 102 Paleo Food Selected: Caveman Cookies ordered from here. Business Plan: Identified freelancing services and researched potential freelance contractors for hire  

Re-creating my path….

April 20, 2014 charlesfranklin Posted in stories

My #WayofNinja   #30DaysChallenge : 1. Fitness: Surpass the minimum score on the Army Physical Fitness Test for push-ups & situps (at least 39 pushups & 45 sit-ups). Reason: I want to see if my new workout is actually working out for me […]

Simple Path to Ego Disruption

December 6, 2013 charlesfranklin Posted in stories

My Way of Ninja Creativity, Simplicity, Persistence Objectives Enhance my aerobic and anaerobic systems naturally Develop basic foundation in a martial art. Develop basic skills in Parkour Goals: Complete 100 pushups by the end of 2014. Complete 200 sit-ups […]