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Empower yourself and those you care about with the Birdie personal safety alarm. It’s the perfect gift for your family, friends, students, colleagues, and even your elderly loved ones. When your safety is threatened, use Birdie’s 130dB siren and flashing strobe light to create a diversion and deter potential attackers.

Birdie’s modern and sleek design makes it incredibly easy to use. Simply remove the top pin to activate the alarm, and when you’re ready to deactivate it, just replace the pin. The alarm can be used multiple times, and the batteries are replaceable, lasting up to 40 continual minutes.

Safety is always a priority, and Birdie is here to accompany you day and night. Whether you’re strolling around town, walking your dog, exploring the trails, crossing campus, heading to your car, or using public transportation, Birdie gives you peace of mind.

Share the gift of safety and show your support for women’s safety, shelter, and health, as 5% of She’s Birdie’s profits are donated to partner organizations dedicated to these causes. Choose Birdie and take control of your personal security.

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4 reviews for Personal Safety Alarm for Your Loved Ones – Birdie

  1. Customer

    This is plenty loud and will confuse/deter anyone who is making you feel uncomfortable. It’s a good style, not too big, and will easily fit on a backpack.

    I live in one of the safer neighborhoods in San Francisco. Someone followed my wife home the other day, and tried to talk to her a few times but she ignored him. As she got to our block she thought he was gone. As she was unlocking the door the guy quickly came at her and was about 3 feet from her as she hurried to unlock and get inside. She said that he could have easily grabbed the door to pull it open but luckily maybe he came to his senses. I got home about 10min after her and the guy was still standing at the corner of our block, he was clearly on something. With the ongoing and budding crime in this city and lack of police, I bought her pepper spray and this Birdie.

  2. Customer

    Bought this for my college bound student for my peace of mind. Gave it a test when it arrived and it is easy to pull the pin, and this sucker is very loud in my humble opinion. My husband feels it could be louder but I disagree. I hope she never has to use it.

  3. Customer

    I moved to the city a few months ago and have since had some uncomfortable encounters with men. I didn’t want to carry any type of self protection that could potentially get me kicked out of somewhere (like if they did a bag search at a museum or something and found my pepper spray), so I now carry my Birdie on my key chain all the time. I feel so much safer and comfortable walking on my own. This thing is LOUD and would definitely draw tons of attention.

    It doesn’t come out super easily (I was worried about it accidentally going off in my purse), but is easy enough to use.

    I 100% recommend!!!

  4. Customer

    I feel safer having this with me. Love the metallic rose color. I hooked it to the outside of my purse because I don’t always have my keys in my hand. The carabiner keychain is too big in my opinion though. I have an average sized purse, and the alarm hangs down farther than my purse does.

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