Unisex Feiyue Classic Shoes – Used by Shaolin Monks & Parkour Athletes

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Introducing the Feiyue Classic 1920, the iconic parkour shoes trusted by the modern urban athlete. Originally used by Shaolin monks and kung fu masters, these shoes have become the go-to choice for parkour athletes since the 90s and 2000s.

Light & Agile – Feiyue 1920 features a breathable canvas design for superior agility and comfort. This lightweight and airy shoe offers unparalleled freedom of movement thanks to its minimalistic aesthetic and virtually zero drop sole.

Multi-Sport Ready – Don’t confine yourself to parkour alone. The 1920 is your versatile companion for a wide range of activities. Whether it’s weight lifting, HIIT training, walking, tennis, or even martial arts like Karate, these shoes are built to conquer any challenge. Seamlessly switch between activities and embrace the boundless possibilities.

Built for Movement – Meticulously crafted for flexibility and comfort, the Feiyue 1920 supports your every move. The rubber sole provides exceptional grip and traction, ensuring you stay in control. Elevate your training with a shoe that perfectly blends comfort and function in one sleek package.

Sizing – For the perfect fit, we recommend buying the next full-size if you typically wear a half-size.

Experience the freedom, agility, and style you deserve with the Feiyue 1920 parkour shoes. Take your parkour journey to new heights and unlock your true potential. Order now and embark on your urban adventures. Fast shipping is available across the USA.

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5 reviews for Unisex Feiyue Classic Shoes – Used by Shaolin Monks & Parkour Athletes

  1. Customer

    Very affordable and very comfortable minimalist shoes. They fit perfectly. I will be purchasing more.

  2. Customer

    Comfortable and great for Parkour!!

  3. Customer

    In the year following a reconstructive ankle surgery, my prior go-to for parkour shoes are now my alternative to zero drops but fulfill my need for a narrower toe box. Every zero drop I’ve purchased, some pricier than others, boast about their wide toe box. I’m apparently the one weirdo doesn’t want/need one, and finding a zero drop (or close alternative) that doesn’t have one has been nigh impossible. Until I remembered these babies! Bought a pair and laced them up. Fit just like I remember. Though now I have the common practice of swapping out insoles in my new shoes. I was weary that the additional foam wedge under the heel was glued in like so many others. Nope. The insole and wedge were easily removable and allow for my arch support insole to go in for a very close to zero drop fit without a wide toe box that otherwise would let me toes roam wherever they want with way too much room. And for $30 a pair, can’t beat it. So glad I remembered these!

  4. Customer

    Did some research to the benefits of wearing a wider toed shoe. Wasn’t sure how these would be since they are know as a karate shoe. LOVE THEM! I wear them to work on the days I need to get a quick cardio walk in at lunch. Very comfortable for boxing. Even work well for leg days with deads.

  5. Customer

    I’m shocked at how good these shoes are for the price. My feet are pretty flat and the only fitness I do revolves around a boxing bag and jump rope. There is no arch in the shoe so I don’t have to deal with the usual pain that athletic shoes give me, while still being very comfortable.

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