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Many of you out there were introduced to ninjas when watching popular TV shows like “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.
They often represent the ninjas as the brave warriors who are strictly against the evil and wrongful affairs. They are the savers and often eradicate the unlawful activities from the society. This is surely an attractive way to depict them but the real facts are far away from this.

The origin and historical background is absolutely different from the overgenerous stories told about the Ninjas. The real Ninjas developed in Japan and gradually they became quite popular in western countries. But there are no solid evidence found to support the exact time when they originated.

According to many people Ninjas have become almost obsolete now-a-days. It is pretty tough to find a class of people who can be called the modern Ninjas. But their unconventional war techniques still exist as they were quite effective. There are some modern Ninja organizations which teach the Ninja techniques. One of them is the Bujinkan.

It was established by popular “Ninja Grandmaster”, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi. The techniques taught by him are the unique methods of Ninja which are also known as “Ninjutsu”.

“Parkour” and “free running” are both forms that are associated with ‘Ninja’ techniques which involve agility and strength.

These modern ninja methods are what we know as espionage (spying). W.O.N. recommends these books to learn about espionage activities of the CIA and other modern organisations. This is a great way to supplement your understanding. Follow the links to read a few pages of the books on Amazon.

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Modern Ninja methods are mostly used by the Military organizations and sometimes by terrorist groups as well. But the average ninja enthusiast can learn about them here.

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