Kuji-in, Ninja Magic

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Commonly referred to as ninja magic, kuji-in was thought to be the source of a ninja’s powers of spiritual and mental strength. Kuji-in translate to mean Nine Syllable Seals, and are nine different seals performed by ninja in the form of hand signs.

While there are 81 seals in total, 9 make up the core.

These seals represent nine different levels of powers. They are:

  1. Rin – Mental and physical strength
  2. Hyo/Pyo – Channeling of energy
  3. To – Harmony
  4. Sha – Healing
  5. Kai – Sensing danger
  6. Jin – Reading thoughts
  7. Retsu – Mastering space and time
  8. Zai -Controling the elements of nature
  9. Zen – Enlightenment

These Kuji-in hand signs are techniques used by ninja to focus the mind, will and energy towards a specific intention. When activated, the ninja may gain momentary mystical powers that aid in the ninja’s survival.

Kuji-in seals are used, also to develop a ninja’s intuitive abilities. For example, the Kai seal activates the ninja’s sense of danger and the Hyo seal could help the ninja in stealth by directing energy around him.

Though unlikely that Kuji-in works in mystical ways, the symbolism and handsigns will no doubt help the ninja gain confidence against a greater enemy. One should know that old ninja tradition was marked by strong esoteric Buddhist beliefs. From these beliefs, came the Kuji-in.

Note also that Kuji-in was not exclusive to ninjutsu. The seals featured here are often used for meditation, enlightenment, strength and agility training, and training in martial arts.

Logen L.

  1. ivan says

    Hi. I am guy from Ukraine. I very want to study Mikkyo.


    I am not so rich and i cant buy this book. I cant buy it by credit card.

    If you have this book or same book (good book about kuji system)

    PLEASE, I BEG YOU, upload it on Depositfiles or Letitbit.

    P L E A S E !!!!!!!!! This is so easy for you.

    I very want to study kuji system. Give me this book. THANX A LOT

  2. Logen says

    Hi Ivan, you can try looking for the book in a library. I managed to find most of the books there.

    Unless I have copyright licensing to distribute certain books or content, I’m not allowed to do so.

    I’ll try to find more info on Kuji Kiri and see if I can get licensing. 🙂

  3. nawaf says

    I want to learn how and where I was and whether I am training in order to pay the money or what

    Thank you I want to learn strongly

  4. kevin dass says

    Hi,I really need some help.can i have the name of the book for kuji-in and if possible a name for a book about kayakujustsu. your help is really appreciated.thank you very very much.

  5. Raven says

    Whenever I practice the 9 hand seals I feel a surge of energy flow through my chakras which gives me chill bumps. I then feel more clear-headed and mentally acute. This is very much real, as long as you believe in it and practice it correctly.

  6. Anonymous says

    Would i be possible to train yourself to “anchor” the dilation of your pupils to a hand seal? I mean, I have learned to a certain extent to control the dilation of my pupils but I was wondering it your body would connect it to a hand seal? How would this be useful? Well, your pupils dilate in the dark to see better right? So could this be used to see better in the dark at will? Also, could you possible anchor a rush of adrenaline to a hand seal? Thanks!

    1. WayOfNinja.com says

      I believe it is possible. If memory doesn’t fail me, there was a yoga practitioner who was able to control his breath and body heat for a long time to swim underwater in the icy cold. My point is, there are people who have trained themselves to do extraordinary things, so the pupil dilation anchor might be possible.

      As for seeing in the dark, the human eye has limits, even if you are able to fully dilate your eyes at will. You can, in theory, see better with dilation but don’t expect your eyesight to be as good as a cat’s, for instance.

      As for adrenaline rush, it is very likely to work. You will, however, need to access very dark memories that invoke a lot of fear or a false memory to invoke an intense sense of danger.

      I’m curious though, why would you prefer to connect it with a hand seal as opposed to a simple tap on a certain area of the body? Is it due to fear that you might accidentally activate the anchor?

      1. Anonymous says

        Thank you for the quick reply. As for the point about seeing better with pupil dilation, I assumed it would not be a significant difference. I think I will try it anyways just to test it out. I have discovered, last night in fact, that tensing the lower muscles in my stomach makes my pupils increase and I have been practicing with that. Could using a hand seal whilst doing this action create an anchor to a hand seal? I’m not entirely sure how it would work. Would, after using this method over and over, allow me to not tense my stomach and simply perform a seal?

        For the adrenaline rush, yes that would be what would be the best way. But the only problem is, I cannot seem to trigger any of those emotions of excitement at will. I definitely know the feeling that I am trying to focus on. The feeling of intensity and hearing the sound of my heart beating against my chest at extraordinary rates. I can remember these moments but cannot get the feeling to come back on command. I think my problem is, I cannot seem to focus hard enough or reach in the back of my mind as I would like to.

        Lastly, as for my reasons of using a hand seal, it was simply the first idea that came to mind. Haha! I do like that idea though, about a taping of a certain body part. Although what you said about accidentally triggering it would be bothersome. I’ll be researching this topic and practicing and let you know what I found out. I would love to hear any other thoughts that you have on the subject. Thanks again!

        1. WayOfNinja.com says

          Oh. That’s interesting (about tensing the lower muscles). I think it’s possible to anchor it through habit.

          As for getting the adrenaline rush, you might want to try meditation for focus and then imagine a situation that would cause an adrenaline rush. Focus on the senses in your imagination and make use of people close to you being involved in the situation. Alternatively, you can hire people to surprise attack you. Lol! Not recommended though.

          Anyway, I’d be eager to hear your findings. Do consider posting it in story form anonymously.

          1. Anonymous says

            Will do. Thank you for your information.

    2. Dance of the Bat says

      Check into the Bilberry or extract, may help. It has been noted that it can enhance night vision, not sure for how long or how well after ingested, but worth the experimentation.

      1. WayOfNinja.com says

        Interesting. Will look for peer-reviewed studies on it to verify. 😉

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