While each ninja had their own way and path to follow, the common thing among them all are their skills.

‘Trademarks’ of a ninja, these skills are crucial for a ninja if he or she wishes to survive. These skills can be split into four core categories.

  • Stealth
  • Martial Arts
  • Escape
  • Others

The Art of Stealth

First and foremost, the skill set that is most important to ninja is stealth. This is the essence of ninjutsu.

Ninja have to complete their missions without their enemies knowing or detecting their presence. Stealth dictated that a ninja must not arouse suspicion.

Ninja had to learn how to disguise themselves and, conceal their presence.

Martial Arts

Some circumstances require ninja to fight. And it was usually because the ninja had failed in stealth.

The martial art that modern ninja use should be quick and effective to neurtalise the enemy.

The Art of Escaping

When detected, the ninja should simply get away quickly if they can. After all, if one is captured, the enemy may torture the information out of the ninja.

In the past, if the ninja could not escape, he would most certainly kill himself to avoid such a situation. Ninja had to honour their word to secrecy.


Other than the three skillsets mentioned above, to a ninja (or anyone else) knowledge is power. And in the world of espionage, it can make the difference between life and death.

This category refers to a ninja’s general knowledge, specific knowledge, healing knowledge (first aid), survival in the wild knowledge and so on.

The ninja’s specific knowledge of his mission is vital so that he can disguise himself. The healing knowledge will be beneficial if he is injured in the course of the mission. Oh yes! A good memory to store gathered information is necessary.

Conclusion On Ninja Training

Becoming a ninja relies on your determination and perseverance. One must train the mind to do mental feats, train the body to do physical stunts, and train the spirit to have undying faith in one’s own abilities.

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