About Logen Lanka
Logen is a the founder and editor of WayOfNinja.com. Before his shoulder injury, he was actively involved in street calisthenics, Aikido and obstacle course racing. He has also served his 2-years conscription with the Singapore Armed Forces as an Armoured Infantry Trooper.

How long does it take to learn a martial art? – Beginner Level

February 15, 2017 Logen Lanka

How long does it take to learn a martial art, with decent proficiency as a beginner? And what exactly is beginner's proficiency in martial arts? The first time you feel like you've internalized a technique (with decent skill) is a life-changing experience. You grow more confident and become less shy when training. Note: Where part one answers the question…

4 Effective Ways to Help You Do More Pull Ups Easily

February 3, 2017 Logen Lanka

Are you struggling to do more pull ups? How many can you do now? And how many more reps do want to be able to do? It doesn't matter if you can crank out twelve pull ups or can't even do one. This resource will help you with your goal of increasing pull ups in a…

How to Overcome 13 Common Obstacles on Race Day? – Obstacle Course Training

January 24, 2017 Logen Lanka

You dream about joining your first obstacle race but you doubt your ability. Sure, you probably have decent fitness. Yet, you aren't sure how to overcome the crazy obstacles. So, how do you even approach obstacle course training for your first race? Don't worry. In this article, you'll find out what are the thirteen obstacles found in a typical race (and…

11 Reasons Why You Should Compete in Obstacle Course Races

January 5, 2017 Logen Lanka

Obstacle course races (aka obstacle runs and mud runs) are environments of controlled chaos, meant to reveal your character and grit. It involve getting through multiple obstacles, running and having a "can-do" attitude. Unlike regular runs, you will use upper body and core strength and some basic obstacle traversing skills. So, really, isn't this the best test…

How to Reach Your Athletic Vision as a Modern Warrior? – 5 Steps

December 30, 2016 Logen Lanka

It will soon be the new year. Have you thought about what you want to achieve as a modern warrior? No! not pointless resolutions about martial arts, parkour or fitness. Instead, make your words and actions count in 2017. Start by being desperate to achieve your goals. Be desperate for success - Mindset Change Until you are desperate enough to…

23 Books for Modern Warriors – that you can listen to for FREE!

December 17, 2016 Logen Lanka

Books are a source of knowledge, ideas and inspiration for any modern warrior. Not only do they inform us about history, but they inspire us to be better people. So, when it comes down to this year, how many books have you actually read? Not many? How about listening to someone else read books to…

How to be Safe When Walking Alone at Night? – Bruce Lee’s 5 Tips

December 13, 2016 Logen Lanka

You are walking alone at night. The streets are eerily dark and quiet. And there are no alternative routes to take. How would you avoid being attacked or mugged in this situation? How would you stay safe when walking alone at night, on a seemingly abandoned street? Fortunately, Bruce Lee has specific advice for walking on quiet streets, late at…

How does calisthenics help you with modern ninja training?

December 10, 2016 Logen Lanka

The term 'functional training' has been thrown around lately in the fitness community. This is a contrast from 10 years ago, when bodybuilding was still the obsession. The reason for this shift is, perhaps, due to the rising popularity of Ninja Warrior, Spartan Race and CrossFit. Parkour and stunt videos going viral could also play a part in this trend. This means that people…

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