The story of Kumawaka, a teenage ninja, is one of the most interesting stories known about the ninja. Young Kumawaka, who was 13 year-old boy traveled miles and miles to meet his father on his death bed. But a cruel monk who had imprisoned his father forbade them from meeting.

Illustration of Hino Kumawaka swinging across a stream to avenge his father

As he was denied of hearing the last words of his father, young Kumawaka took a vow to kill the monk. However, the monk was supported by his family and guards. Being physically weak and too little, the boy hatched a plan. He pretended to become ill and the monk’s family took him to their house.

While everyone was fast asleep, he collected information about the security of the house and when the guards patrolled.

One night when he had gathered sufficient information, he snuck into the room of the monk. From his reconaissance trips, he knew that the monk slept with a lighted lamp in the room. Therefore, clever Kumawaka opened the windows.

Attracted by the lamp, the moths flew into the room and gathered around the lamp, their wings effectively covered the light. In the darkness he stole the sword of the monk and killed him in his sleep.

Upon being discovered by the guards, he ran away and reached the bank of a river. The clever Kumawaka escaped by walking on a slender bamboo tree, which bent from his weight to reach accross the river.

CWS (edited by Logen L.)

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